Water Leakage Monitoring System (Detection Kit)

“A standard detection kit” make it possible to monitor water leakage occurring at several places immediately through PCs or tablets by only installing special ZETA base station and specific sensors. It generates an alert e-mail when there is a leakage.


  • Possible to monitor water leakage in real-time
  • Simple and reasonably available as a “Standard kit”
  • Data can be displayed on the PC Monitors, tablets or smartphones
  • Generate alarm when water leakage occurs
  • Interlocking function is available as an option
  • Method of data display and communication can be customized. (External clouds/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, etc.)

Outline of Water Detection Kit

Easy 2 steps just to install the device and see the App

Current status

Leakage areas are increasing year by year due to aging buildings .

Installation of a wired sensors in existing buildings is difficult!

Leakage investigation only notify leakage at the time of the investigation.

1. Install device

Install sensors and base stations into preferred measurement places.

2. See App

Immediately check the leak monitoring status on Web application.

When a water leak occurs "Notification on screen + Deliver alert emails".

Quick trouble shooting

Since the occurrence of water leakage can be detected quickly , quicker response is possible.

Possible to reduce or prevent patrol and subsequent damage due to slower countermeasure.

Application of Water Detection Kit

Possible to confirm “water leakage monitoring conditions in some areas” through WEB App

Also equipped with“Alive monitoring” with e-mail notification function
- in case of no-data response