Robot Speed-Noise-Vibration Monitoring System

A monitoring system to prevent a loss of production wafers related to fall/breakage of wafers due to misalignment of arms. This system enables visualization and quantifications of values of speed, noise, and vibration of arms (blades) for wafer transfer robots and generate alarms when abnormal movements are detected.


  • It is possible to visualize some or all of the movements of arm such as speed, noise, vibration
  • Data can be displayed on the PC Monitors, tablets or smartphones
  • Possible to generate alarms while abnormal movements are detected
  • Interlocking function is available as an option (*Need to discuss separately and based on equipment specification)
  • Method of data display and communication can be customized. (External clouds/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, etc.)
Robot Speed-Noise-Vibration Monitoring System