IoT system integration products

Sale of hardware and software which are usable for IoT system construction.

IoT system configuration starter kit "Argoculus"

· Ready-to-use IoT start kit (Consists of : Sensor, Gateway, Dashboard)


  • Easy installation (available in 30 minutes)
  • Visualization (data collection) is possible by dedicated management screen
  • Ready-to-use IoT platform
    Set included (1 each) Sensor, Gateway, Dashboard
  • Can use both analog and digital sensors

Usable for

  • Remote monitoring of water treatment plants
  • Monitoring of heat treatment furnace
  • Monitoring of machine tools
  • Compressor monitoring
  • Monitoring of biomass boilers
System Image


  • Solution to shortage of workers
    Remote monitoring of production equipment condition
    Work recording, Routine reports, automation of routine analytical work
  • Improve Productivity
    Accumulation and analysis of production know-how → Improvement of technical capabilities
    (Numerical data → quantitative analysis capability )
    Quantification of production related data (Cumulative operation time, operation rate, dynamic equipment cumulative operation time etc.)
  • Increase added value
    Automatic acquisition of traceability data
    Add-on IoT system integration services, Data analysis services