High-Tech Tweezers: Small part pick up tool

High-Tech Tweezers

High-Tech Tweezers
Can Pick Up Tiny Objects That Suction Tweezers Can't!
Convenient, portable mechanical pencil type, and requires control force thanks to its adhesive resin! A totally different concept from traditional suction and vacuum tweezers, grabbing, moving, and releasing thin, small, and fine objects is fast and easy, with no stress on the object. Our ultimate tweezers have been appeared in a couple of prestigious newspapers.


Our Improved High-tech Tweezers

  1. Can pick up finer objects than previous suction or vacuum type tweezers.
  2. An industry first! Our high-tech tweezers can grab and release objects.
  3. Amount of adhesive released can be controlled by knob for convenience.
  4. All models have indicators , adhesive level can be checked at a glance.
  5. Functionality is improved remarkably.
  6. All models feature a unified slim, compact body size.The product number has been changed in this new model.
    (Please see the Product Information page for more details.)

Product Feature

  • We have completed revolutionary portable tweezers that uses adhesive resin to pick up and release thin and small objects without control force.
  • Cartridge is filled with adhesive resin. Objects can be picked up by the adhesive resin pushing out from the cartridge.
  • By sliding forward a sleeve pipe on the outside of the adhesive resin-filled nozzle, it is easy to release objects.
  • The adhesive resin in our product adheres to any objects regardless material or shape, and won’t leave an adhesive residue.
  • The tweezers can pick up objects in water, and it is available in a wide range of fields.

Main Applications

  • Manufacturing processes where mechanical stress should not be applied, such as for semi-conductors, electronic components and etc.
  • Work and inspection processes handling metal and plastic wires.
  • Factory work and inspection processes handling precision components.
  • At laboratories and etc. which perform experiment and inspection.
  • Processes handling small, thin film and porous paper.
  • Factory work and inspection processes handling jewelry and fine arts.
  • Transfer processes in water.
  • And who knows what else!

Product Specifications


Mechanical pencil style tweezers to catch tiny objects
by adhesion material located on the tip of the tweezers!


  • Very safe and reliable design to prevent residue of adhesive from remaining.
  • Heat resistant adhesive ebables the tweezers to be utilized for soldering purpose.
  • One touch adjustable design : Obnoxious process to adjust the amount of adhesive is not necessary.
Photo : The High-Tech Tweezers: Pencil style pick up tool for tiny chip

Product line line-up

Sivatouch (Main Product)

 Appicable size
for capture
Maximam weight
for cauture 
MT-4200   BC-4200  Dia 1.0mm - Dia 4.0mm  100mg
MT-4400  BC-4200  Dia 0.23mm - Dia 1.0mm  3mg

Adhesive (for Sivatouch)

Appicable size
for capture
Maximam weight
for cauture
Resable time
BC-4200 MT-4200 Special heat
resistant polymer
Special heat
resistant polymer
BC-4400 MT-4200 4,000


Photo : Using The High-Tech Tweezers for tiny object

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

Do the High-tech Tweezers use suction?
They are adhesive type tweezers. They don’t use suction.
How do they work?
A tiny amount of adhesive comes from the tip, it sticks target objects, and they are released by release lever.
Does it need control force?
Not necessary. It is available anywhere.
Does the adhesive remain on the objects?
On a molecular level some adhesive might remain, but this is not visible even through a microscope. (If used between 20-40℃).
Does it need a cleaner?
Dust will stick after continued use, it decreases adhesive ability. It is necessary to clean it to remove old adhesive.
What should we do when the cartridge runs out?
Cartridge is expendable supplies. We also sell the cartridge only. Please inquire for further details.
How to operate the tweezers?
Please refer to the instruction manual or check an animated video on the operation.

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