Floppy Disk (FD) to SD Card/USB Converter, Conversion Unit

Floppy Disk (FD) toSD Card Conversion Unit "Masty"*1

It is a “Recording system with data signal converter” which makes data in a Floppy Disk storable in the latest media (SD Card).
Various models are available for PC (PC98 series, PC/AT machines) or industrial model (for SCSI standard tools/NC tools).

*1 "Masty" is registered trademark of Naito Densei Industry.

Feature of SD Card Conversion Unit "Masty"

  • Automatic detection of Modulation method (MFM/FM)
  • System modification is not necessary
  • Manage 100*2 x Floppy Disks data in a single SD Card
  • Superior noise resistant performance
  • Drive unit is not necessary
  • Robust Stainless body]
  • Internationally certified
  • RoHS certificated
  • Excellent services in Installation and follow-up

*2 Dual Selector type


SD Card Conversion Unit "Masty" - Image of conversion

Image of converion by Masty

SD Card Conversion Unit "Masty" - Product line-up

SD Conversion Unit “Masty” has two models according to fitting or usage. You can choose suitable model.

 Single Selector  SD Card Conversion Unit "Masty" Single Selector
  • Record data in 10pcs FDs into 1 SD Card
  • Mountable on PC chassis …
    Selector switch is operatable through inject switch hole
*Depend on PC models, it might be incompatible)
Dual Selector   SD Card Conversion Unit "Masty" Dual Selector
  • Rcord data in 100pcs FDs into 1 SD Card
*Not compatible with PC cover
*For record of 100pcs volume of FD data, SD card with higher than 200MB is required

If you use FD/Tape drive with “SCSI-2(50pin)” standard, SD conversion unit with “SCSI standard” can be choosable.

to SD conversion type
 SCSI-FD to SD conversion type
  • Record data in 100pcs FDs into 1 SD Card
  • More than 3 x performance compared with SCSI-FDD
*Only Dual Selector type is available
to SD conversion type 
 SCSI-MT to SD conversion type  
  • Store data in 100pcs Tapes into 1 SD Card
*Depend on volume of both SD card and tape

SD Card Conversion Unit "Masty" specification

Standard type

Model Picture Storage capacity
of FD (pcs)
PC98 series
Insert into
PC body
Single selector 画像:シングルセレクター MAX10 SS-FDA-S/AT-A1 SS-FDA-S/98-A1
Dual selector 画像:デュアルセレクター MAX100 SS-FDA-D/AT-A1 SS-FDA-D/98-A1
Operatable temperature 0~50 degree C
International certification CE EMC(EU), FCC(North America), KC(Korea), BSMI(Taiwan)
Environmental specification RoHS, China RoHS
Dimension (mm) 101.6(W) x 143.5(D) x 25.4(H)
Weight (g) Single selector:355 / Dual Selector:360
Interface / power supply For FDD 34 pin flat cable / for FDD 4 pin cable (+5V)

SCSI type

Model Picture Storage capacity
of FD (pcs)
For SCSI-2 standard equipment Insert into
PC body
Dual Selector SS-SFD-D-01 FD MAX100 SS-SFD-D-01
SS-SMT-D/CM-01 Tape MAX100 SS-SMT-D/CM-01
(CMT、CGMT model)
Interface SCSI-2(50pin) Active terminator built-in
Power supply 4 pin power supply connector + 5V (with IDE conversion connector)
SD card Micro SD, Card more than SDHC SPI mode is usable
Movement performance (for SCSI-FD) More than 3x compared with SCSI-FD equipment
Other option Cables for SD conversion unit to be connected by particular interface and bodies & brackets to be compatible with various size equipment are prepareable. Customized order is also available.


Floppy Disk (FD) to USB Conversion Unit

It is a “Recording system with data signal converter” which makes data in a Floppy Disk (FD) storable in the latest media (USB). It is compatible to FD with ATAPI standard (34 pin connector) widely used in the market and is easy to install by only replacing drive chassis.

  • Useful for back-up of process recipe / conveyance recipe
  • Solve the issues of unobtainable FDD and media due to discontinuity
  • Apply reasonable and market-available USB memory (max 8GB)
  • Record data in 100pcs FDs into 1 USB memory
  • Data in USB is dealt by Windows PC
  • Only replace legacy FDD to this unit for installation (completely compatible)
  • Abundant references in major semiconductor equipment


Floppy Disk (FD) to USB Conversion Unit

Typical examples (PDF)