Magnetic Data Erasing System ERAZER

The magnetic data erasing system which instantly erases various data in standard storage media such as 2.5/3.5 inch HDD, CMT, LTO, DAT, DLT, VHS.

Feature of ERAZER

Strong magnetic field changes magnetization direction to erase media data.

  • Easy operation & instant data erasing (erasing time 0.1 sec)
  • Not limited to OS as it applies physical erasing
  • Broken media is also erasable
  • Designed to be harmless to human body / peripherals in magnetic leakage
  • Compact & light design enables ease of carrying / install
  • Silent system enables to be used indoor
  • On-board diagnostics function with magnetic force determination lamp
  • Interlocking function by tab open/close sensor
  • Compatible to both horizontal and perpendicular magnetic storage HDD
Feature of ERAZER

What is "Perpendicular magnetic recording system"?

Horizontal magnetic recording system and Perpendicular magnetic storage system

Horizontal magnetic recording system:
Only thin(nm) storage media (magnetic particle) is magnetized. Less data volume to be erased.

Perpendicular magnetic storage system:
More vertical thickness is required (approx. 10 to 100 times) for storage media. More data volume to be erased.


ERAZER Specification

ERAZER type  S Type P Type  M Type  L Type
Feature Standard model Power model for
magnetic field generation
Proffesional model
available for
thicker HDD
Stationary model for
maximum out-put
 Item number  ER-TypeS (ES02-100)  ER-TypeP (ES03-100) ER-TypeM (EM02-100) ER-TypeL (ES02-100)
Picture  ER-TypeS (ES02-100) ER-TypeP (ES03-100) ER-TypeM (EM02-100) ER-TypeL (ES02-100)
 消去対象メディア 消去対象メディア 消去対象メディア 消去対象メディア
magnetic field
750kA/m 1120kA/m 820kA/m 750kA/m
Power supply
rated value
AC 100V±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption
rated value
50W 100W 100W 230W
Weight 10Kg 14Kg 15Kg 105Kg
media size
W109xH30xD194(mm) W109x H30xD194(mm) W109xH40xD194(mm) W295xH45xD405(mm)
Dimension W220×H250×D400(mm) W220×H250×D480(mm) W220×H250×D480(mm) W515×H615×D565(mm)
Recharge time approx. 15 sec approx. 15 sec approx. 15 sec approx. 40 sec
Operating environment Temperature 5~40℃ / Humidity 20~80% (No condensation)
Accessories Instruction manual / Power cable
Rentalable check X check X

Carrier case for ER-TypeS/P/M specification

Item number ER-TypeS carrier case (CS02-100) ER-TypeP/M carrier case (CM02-100)
Picture   Carrier case for ER-TypeS/P/M
Weight  approx. 5Kg  approx. 5.4Kg
Dimension W280×H310×D510(mm) W280×H310×D585(mm)