Non-directional micro vibration detection sensor "CMN200"

Non-directional vibration sensor [CMN200] is a microscopic sensor (2.0 x 2.0 x Max 1.5mm) having a feature for the conducting sphere inside of the sensor to detect very tiny vibration signal generated from the inserted equipment/instruments.
The mechanical sensor detects a movement of buttery powered instruments, behavior of human or materials (things) and that realizes power saving under stationary circumstance, regular watching of human/material movement.

Feature of Non-directional micro vibration detection sensor "CMN200"

  • Very tiny size of 2.0×2.0×1.5(Max)mm
  • Ultra low power consumption performance entails detectable non-directional micro vibration
  • Highly reliable laminated ceramic structure
  • Meets AEC-Q200 standard
  • Conforms to RoH
  • Pb free
Feature of Non-directional micro vibration detection sensor CMN200

Application or expected future usage

  • Vibration detection for small radio communication equipment
  • Vibration detection switch (Power saving of radio communication equipment)
  • Smart key (for housing/automobile)
  • Safety confirmation. watching or nursing of elderly people living alone
  • Earlier earthquake detection
  • Asset management tag for factory/brunch/hospital/etc
  • Early detection of decrepit equipment in a factory
  • BLE tag (theft prevention/object being sought)
  • Ecology observation of animals
  • Wearable equipment/tools
  • IoT
CMN200 product figure

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