The traditional taste, which supported people with dreams and people,
who made the American dream come true!

There were times, when many people from Europe had dreams of crossing the open sea and find success in the new land America.

John Volpi was one of these people. He departed Milan(Italy) in 1900 and arrived in Saint Louis(USA).

In Milan, he was an artisan of making meat products, such as salami and cured ham. When he arrived in the USA, he noticed that there was plenty of high-quality meat there as well, so he decided to continue making the traditional products of his home land.

In 1902, the start of making Italian salami in Saint Louis was a reality!

VOLPI keeps the tradition and at the same time makes great breakthroughs

After that, the children of the people, who established Volpi company, their progeny continued to keep the tradition from their ancestors, while at the same time were always aware of the modern tendencies of the business.

That is why, even today Volpi strive for better quality of their products, trying to attract even more people to taste Volpi's salami and hams, always being open for new things.

However, they never compromise, when it comes to ruining the tradition of their ancestors.

Let us see the result of those efforts: Volpi has reached the dining tables of many American homes, as Volpi products can be found in numerous US Italian restaurant chains, big supermarkets and high-grade supermarkets.

Italian tradition meets American innovation

The encounter: Point1 - Perfect hygiene control

VOLPI have even stricter standard than USDA and HACCP, when it comes to food safety.

VOLPI is one of the leaders in the HACCP programme, having started in 1998. Since then, it played an important leading role in the dry, cured meat products' field. VOLPI company established a partnership with the Kansas Agricultural University, the purpose of which was to research and put to practice the best methods for having safe and healthy food products.

* Volpi has been accredited with SQF (Safe Quality Foods) 2000 Level 3.

The encounter: Point2 - Challenge for new products

At VOLPI, while the Italian tradition is kept, it is combined with the American thirst for challenges, which made possible new products to come to life. Certainly, these new products also earn popularity very fast.

One of these products is Rotola, a mixed roll of prosciutto and mozzarella cheese, very suitable for hors d'oeuvre. It can be said, that such product could be born only in USA.

VOLPI uses the most modern marketing methods, which helps for other new products to come into existence and to grow bigger and bigger on the food market.

The encounter: Point3 - Suggestions for new ways of enjoying food

In order to make even more people enjoy VOLPI's products by discovering its superior taste, VOLPI started a partnership with a few famous chefs. Thus, many new recipes were created, presenting new ideas of tasting the VOLPI products.

The goal is not to achieve self-complacency, but to satisfy everyone, who tastes the food. VOLPI's products invite you to a new world, unknown and fantastic.

Would you like to come?

Everyone's prosciutto, everyone's salami, everyone's VOLPI

The citizens of the USA are people from different cultures, who have different customs. VOLPI has broken all these walls on the way and won many American people as fans.

Japanese musical instruments go on keeping the Japanese traditional techniques even today. Sometimes, the border of Japanese tradition is crossed: sessions with rock or jazz music are made; Hollywood uses it for some movie scenes,etc. We all enjoy hearing these combinations, as thanks to them, something utterly new comes to life.

Why people from different food cultures love VOLPI products? The same reason. The US environment suggests enjoying variations and combinations of different types of dishes and the people do not see a reason to limit themselves only within the Italian food.

Now, these products can be enjoyed with combination with other foods, only because the tradition has been continued so far, but at the same time the doors were and are open for such experiments. Today, VOLPI products are a regular guest on the dining tables, no matter what type of dish is cooked.

A solid base, no posing, brings sweet memories: Everyone can feel attracted to VOLPI!

Be one of the smiling faces of VOLPI fans!