Brand Story

About Levante


The olive-production company Levante was founded in 1902, when the Cassetta family started the olive pressing activities in Andria, Puglia, in Italy where is known as one of the best climate for olives. Levante is one of few companies which can count on the entire olive oil manufacturing process, from cultivation to packaging of the product, through harvest and production.

The traditional method of hand-picking the olives from branches, using ladders, as well as beating and combing them with rods and large wooden combs, is still very much alive today. There are large cloths to catch the olives, tree by tree.

Since the olive fruits begin to be oxidized soon after they are separated from their branches, the fruits are delivered into the collection tanks in order to start up the manufacturing process while they are fresh. Their olive grove is next to their mills, therefore the fresh fruits can be harvested and pressed immediately. ‘Olive-press’- The two big granite wheels grind pulp and pits according to olive-oil producing tradition.

It is said that this traditional manufacturing method derives more aromas and components, so that this highlights olive’s nature.

Besides, the solar panels and the “natural Energy” are immediately evident at the very entry of the company headquarters in the city of Andria. In fact, Levante produces its own energy so that its production is more respectful to the surrounding environment.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Nearly half the amount of olive oil produced in Italy every year is made in Puglia.

Olive oil made in Puglia is pale yellow-green tone of color, and has aroma of natural olive itself. It features relatively less bitterness, pungency and mild flavor. Levante Olive oil is produced with coratina and other olives which are cultivated in Puglia, south Italy.

The coratina is rich in polyphenols which gives the oil a strong and decisive taste, and fresh olive aroma. Besides, a spicy and bitter aftertaste, reminiscent of almonds.

Extra virgin olive oil manufacturing process

Process 1 : Olive harvest

Harvest at Levante's grove => move on to the next process while fruits are fresh

Process 2 : Washing

Special sorting machine eliminatea impurities. And wash twice to remove further impurities

Process 3 : Olive- press

The traditional method of granite-made wheels grind extracts odor and component more, and make into paste

Process 4 : Stirring up

Stirring up of paste

Process 5 : Oil expression

The produt is broken down into oil, vegetation water and pomace

Process 6 : Quality inspection

Monitoring by experts

Process 7 : Store in tanks

Store in tanks

Process 8 : Filtration and bottling

The bottlling process is completely automated

Process 9 : Packaging

Process 10 : Strage in warehouse

Process 11 : Deliver