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Opera Salsiccia

Opera Salsiccia

Salsiccia is one of what it takes in Italian cuisine, however it has been difficult to find authentic salsiccia in Japan even though Italian restaurant is so popular here.

There is a couple of reason. One is that it was impossible to obtain fresh meat like Italian specialty producers do. The other is that imported Italian made one has no adequate relish of Italian cuisine in Japan with regard to too much fat, salt and unique aroma of spices.

By collaboration with Italian producer through a trial and error process, we create salsiccia which has adequate fat, salt and spice to Italian cuisine in Japan maintaining the same fresh meat and production processes as in Italy.

We believe that we are able to be of help to open up new horizon in Italian cuisine in Japan.

Product Name Standard Quantity Storage Condition Best before
Salsiccia Vacuum pack 1pcs: about 200g
1case: 20 pcs
frozen 1 year after production


Opera Salsiccia is a fine Italian salsiccia which can offer intrinsic taste of rich meat.

Use the same material as Parma Prosciutto.
The rich taste of pork bred by whey of Parmigiano Reggiano in designated farm by Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma.

Fresh foreleg is used without freezing.
Therefore, it is unlikely to cause dripping and discoloration when it is cooked.

Consistent production processes enables production without losing freshness of material.
As the product is produced without losing its freshness, it does not require additives such as adhesive.

The luxurious Marsala wine, a DOP product is used for seasoning.

We introduce authentic salsiccia like this in a shape to match liking in Japan.

Serving Suggestions

It is enjoyable in various dishes as it uses superior pork meat as a material.

Opera salsiccia with balsamic vinegar

Opera salsiccia
with balsamic vinegar

Opera salsiccia on polenta

Opera salsiccia
on polenta

Risotto with Opera salsiccia

with Opera salsiccia

Tomato sauce pasta with Opera salsiccia

Tomato sauce pasta
with Opera salsiccia