Espuna for You

Lasagna with Jamon Serrano, Banana and Chicken


Jamon Serrano (slice) 18pcs
Chicken (Thin sliced breast)  2pcs
Grated cheese Moderate
Banana Moderate
Bechamel sauce Moderate
Solt Moderate

How to cook

  1. Cut Jamon Serrano into 2 square pieces.
  2. Thin slice banana up to the thickness of sliced Jamon Serrano.
  3. Thin slice chicken as well. Salt and slightly bake.
  4. Make light Bechamel sauce.
  5. Spread Bechamel sauce to bakeware. Put Jamon Serrano, Banana and Chicken on it. Repeat these processes and finish with Jamon Serrano layer on top.
  6. Cover the top with Bechamel sauce. Put grated cheese and grill.


Longaniza and fried egg with green sauce

Ingredients for 4

Longaniza 1pc
Egg 4pcs
Onion 1pc
Green pepper 1pc
Red bell pepper 1/2pc
Courgette 1pc
Garlic 2pcs
Parsley 1bunch
Flour 2 teaspoon
Water or vegetable stock 500cc
Virgin olive oil 100cc
Oolive oil (for fry) ) 200cc
Solt Moderate

How to cook

  1. Dice-cut onion, green pepper, red bell pepper and courgette and fry them by oiled frying pan. Remove them once heated.
  2. Make fried egg. Fry round-sliced Longaniza.
  3. Fry chopped garlic with olive oil. Add flour before garlic is brownish and fry carefully not to be over heated.
  4. Add water or vegetable stock and stir till slightly thickened.
  5. Put salt and chopped parsley, boil for a minute.
  6. Put sauce in plate. Place prepared fried egg, Longaniza and vegetables.

* You can use Kikon or Chorizo Sarta instead of Longaniza.

Fried Chorizo Sarta with herb


Chorizo Sarta  700g
Olive oil 2teaspoon
Garlic(chopped)  2pcs
Fresh harb  4teaspoon

How to cook

  1. Round slice Chorizo Sarta.
  2. Put sliced Chorizo Sarta in frying pan. Fry 5 minutes on medium fire till it is colored.
  3. Remove Chorizo Sarta. Drain oil.
  4. Clean up frying pan by paper towel. Put olive oil and heat up by low to medium fire. Add Chorizo Sarta, garlic and, herb and Stir-fry till they are heated.