Brand Story

About Espuna

"Espuña for daily living" More than 300 items

The products of Espuña are deeply embedded in peoples’ daily life. The reason is quite simple.

At Espuña our innovation never stops, which means that we can offer our consumers the products best suited to their needs and habits. Innovation with us goes hand in hand with traditional expertise and production standards; our products are made with care and perseverance. Respect for tradition with a taste for innovation.

As Espuña’s products adapt to modern market needs such as party at home, ready to eat, individual package, Espuña won PRODUCT OF THE YEAR awards which are voted by 9000 Spanish users 3 times from 2008 to 2010.

 2008 Minute Tapas (variety pack) which can be simply prepared by microwave.
 2009 Minute Tapas which can be prepared by microwave (160g pack). Traditionally sliced Jamon Duroc.
 2010年 Zip pack for Jamon Serrano and Jamon Cocido.

Espuña keep developing variety of products reflecting voices from market demand. Products which are popular in Japanese market such as "pelvis-less" bone in Jamon Serrano , determined salchichon, slice pack with determined pieces are good examples of development based on "ease of use" for consumers.

High Pressure machine for reliability

Not only Spanish domestic market, 25% of Espuña’s sales are from export. Espuña's hygiene control is executed by cutting edge technology. Traceability is established and computerized from pig-gene and breeding method to final products.

Also Espuña is the first company who implemented high pressure machine in meat industry.

What is High Pressure machine?
 "Cold pasteurisation" ensures the freshness of cooked products during their useful life, while enabling us to offer a range of cured, sliced products which can be kept out of the cold. "Cold pasteurisation" consists in subjecting the already packaged product to high pressure water, of some, 4,000 or 6,000 bars, which is the equivalent of taking a packet and placing it 40 or 60 kilometres below the sea. The pressure eliminates all the contamination, ensuring all the freshness of the product and the highest levels of food safety. Espuña implemented high pressure machine in 1998 as the first company in meat industry.

The History of Espuña

The history of Espuña goes back to 1947, when Esteve Espuña began to produce cold cut sausages to local recipes in a farmhouse in the Vall de Bianya area (in the county of la Garrotxa).

In 1949, Espuña moved to Olot and started manufacturing Jamon Serrano.

In 1989, Espuña understood importance of sliced products in the market and commenced slice pack products which became fundamental in current product line.

Afterwards, production has been increased by adding cooked products in product line.

In 1998, Espuña implemented high pressure machine as the first company in meat industry. Thus Espuña executes manufacturing withtraditional quality/expertise and modern technology for food safely.

Also Espuña keep developing number of new products to meet market demand of convenience and ease of use. Nowadays, the number of item type is over 300.