Transporker allows the user to pick-up fatteners on the spot, without touching and without effort, and to move the carcass trouble-free to the disposal site.

In an upright body position, the operator fixes the animal to the pull rod using the loop.

He pulls the carcass over the ramp which is equipped with an integrated wide roller to place the animal on the slide.

This pull rod can also be used to pull the maneuverable Transporker in a hygienically advantageous way to the carcass disposal site.


Size (mm) 360×970×150

Piglet decapitator / Selfcutter2

Image:Piglet decapitator       Selfcutter2

It is a new type of tailpipe that uses a constant force of a spring to turn off.
Whichever you work, you can cut at the optimal speed.
Commercial lighter gas is available.
It is also easy to replace the blade which is a consumable part.

Livestock moving panel & paddle

It is hollow, lightweight, easy-to-handle livestock moving board for women. There is paddle type which gives out sound.

Image:Livestock moving panel & paddle
Panel(mm) 460 x 750、910 x 750、1220 x 750
Paddle(mm) L=1190

画像:家畜移動用パネル 使用例


Compare the water absorption!


Sprinkle in pre - parturition creep area, or cover the wet body of piglet directly after delivery, to prevent body temperature lowering and use for prevention of diarrhea. You can also reduce fights by identifying odors with powder. There are many places you can use.

Please use it especially where you want to improve environmental hygiene.

  • Control excellent moisture absorption capacity (2000 ml / kg) and floor temperature and humidity.
  • Ammonia volatilization, suppression of bacterial breeding (acidity, essential oil).

Note) No harmful phosphorus is used.

Ingredient 100%natural component(mineral/plant/sea raw material)
Capacity 25kg


Disinfection mat Entrance mat

Image:Disinfection mat  Entrance mat

It is mat for disinfection of shoes.
Immerse with the chemical solution for disinfection and use it.
It is installed in the entrance of the office, the entrance to the barn, the food factory, the place where outsiders go in and out, and so on.

size(mm) 600 x 850、450 x 450、850 x 1800

Double bucket

Image:Double bucket

Made thick and durable plastic.
It can hold a bucket in a state straddling a fence, very convenient!
Tail, injection, tooth extraction, how about other things during work?

size(mm) W410 x D310 x H240(slit width 40)