Iron feed

Iron Good Start

Pigs ingest themselves as they grow! It is the best ironing salary method that is right for you!

Image:Iron   Good Start

Mixed feed for piglets friendly to piglets.

  1. There is no disadvantage of iron injection(iron poisoning, arthritis, reduction of resistance due to excessive administration, etc.)
  2. Like the natural world, the piglets themselves naturally ingest from the mouth as necessary, so extra amounts are naturally discharged.
  3. It learns to eat at an early stage, it becomes easy to shift to solid feed
  4. It has already been proved over 10 years, and it has been proved by measuring blood hemoglobin concentration.

Feeding method

Image:Feeding method

It is an important point to always create an environment where iron tea can be present until 2 weeks of age.
Approximate salary three times by 2 weeks of age after birth (about 3 g per head).

(Raw materials)
Peptide iron, Ferrous fumarate, Iron sulfate, Lactose, Horse age starch cake, Fruit pulp, Starch cake , Iron sulfate, Whey powder, Lactose Horse age starch cake. Fruit pulp, Starch cake.

(Reference)Injection and cost comparison

Image:(Reference)Injection and cost comparison