Heating Equipment

Fully automatic temperature control heat lamp of canopies  Intelligent heat Lamp

Fully automatic temperature control heat lamp of canopies  Intelligent heat Lamp

There are two types of Intelligent Heater, one for farrowing(for piglet nest) and the other for weaning piglets, with different temperature settings.

By sensing the temperature of the body surface of piglets with a sensor and effectively utilizing the heat accumulated in the heat insulation roof, the intelligent heater controls the temperature automatically to the optimum temperature according to the age, so that the sensible temperature of piglets rises, electricity Significant power saving is also possible.

Heat lamp Standard specification:150W x 2=300W
Power supply Standard specification:200-250V 50/60Hz(±10%)(Can also supply 100V)

Example for weaning piglets

Example for farrowing(for piglet nest)

Master HeaterACO funki

Heating lamp for farrowing and weaner pens

Master Heater is a new generation of heating lamps for farrowing and weaner pens. The Master Heater helps to reduce energy consumption in the stables by up to 50% when combined with dual control.

Master Heater provides more even distribution of heat than traditional heat lamps. This ensures better food intake and higher survival rates among piglets as well as reduces the use of medicine.

Master Heater is waterproof IPX9K approved, being easy to clean and maintain.
To clean the Master Heater, you simply use a high pressure cleaner, which means you do not have to remove it. This also helps maintain at high hygiene level. Master Heater does not use incandescent light bulbs like traditional heat lamps. 1 year warranty.

Master Heater work at a lower temperature than traditional heat lamps which reduces the risk of fire.


  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Waterproof IPX9K Approved
  • Long lifetime
  • Low fire risk

Thermographic difference of the ordinary heating lamp vs Master Heater


For use during farrowing - the best start for newborn piglets

  • Prevents undercooling
  • Greater chance of survival - 0,2 more live pigs per litter
  • Healthier pigs that recover faster after farrowing
  • Mobile and easy - can be placed and removed again
  • Non-slip surface
  • Easy to clean and disinfect

Greater Survival Chances

Without the FIRST-CARE mat, the very first bedding for the newborn piglets is down to about 11°C.
With the FIRST-CARE mat it is approx. 36-38°C, and can be adjusted up to 45°C. The piglets get a more gentle start to life, thus having greater survival chances.

FIRST-CARE is a heat mat, which is placed behind a sow during the farrowing, so the piglets are born to a mat that is approx. 39°C warm.
With the heat mat, the newborn piglets get more optimal life start, as the risk of undercooling is reduced. It is expected that the survival rate for newborn piglets will increase by 0,2 piglets per litter (based on the first statistical experience).

After farrowing, remove the First-Care mat.


Dimensions 350 x 860 x 10 mm
Connection 200-240 V
Energy consumption 320 W
Temperature Default 39°C. Adjustable 30-45°C
Features Ergonomic handles for easy placement
Cable L=4,5 m, bite-resistant coating near the mat


Features Built-in holder for placing on the partition
Start / stop Possible to set delayed start
Running time Can run all the time or for time-limited period