Automatic Management System

NEDAP Velos pig automatic management systemnedap

Nedap electronic sow feeders help you care for each sow based on her individual performance and needs. Part of complete barn management system.

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Improvements you can expect from the VELOS system.

  • Live-born piglets/sow/year
  • Sow culling rate/year
  • Birth rate
  • Weaned piglets/sow/year
  • Post-weaning mortality
  • Stress-free
  • Efficiency by IC-tag

Feed staion

Feed staion

Using an IC tag you can feed an appropriate amount from individual information in a timely manner.(Maximum 50 heads/unit)

Heat detection

Heat detection

You can improve efficiency and safety of heat detection in your group gestation pens with automated heat detection, an excellent complement to electronic sow feeding (ESF).

Sow separation

Sow separation

Easily find sows within groups. Nedap Sow Separation automatically identifies and removes sows from large groups, directing the individuals into small holding pens for easy access. The system can be customized to meet your needs, including identifying and separating sows for:

Control Unit & Internet

Control Unit & Internet

Velos system control and management.

※We propose layout according to scale.

Pig Sorting nedap

Manage finishing pigs individually within groups. All pigs at target weight.


Pig Sorting
  • We can predict shipping at a glance.
  • At shipment, we will automatically sort heavy pigs first among the number of ship's weight setting range.
  • You can choose 2 Way or 3 Way specification for sorting.

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※ We will propose layout according to scale.

Farrowing Feedingnedap

Heavier piglets at weaning. Automated precision feeding for optimal performance.


Farrowing Feeding
  • Feeding can be divided up to 24 times a day.
  • You can set the number of feeding times and feeding amount for each individual.
  • Feed rate can also be controlled.
  • Feed using delivery curves during labor to weaning.
  • Basically it is fully automatic operation, but feeding can be started manually.

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※ We will propose layout according to scale

Pig Performance Testinnedap

Reliable individual weight and feed intake DATA. Accurate individual performance date.

Using the IC tag, whenever pig comes to feed to the performance test feeder, it automatically displays the weight / intake amount
It collects and accumulates the system.
"Daily gain weight", "daily intake" and "feed requirement rate" were measured, and the rate of growth due to "feed efficiency" and breeding development
It can be used to collect data etc.
Accuracy 99%

Pig Performance Testing
Capacity to feed 15 heads(pellet)
12 heads(meal and other feed)
Scale size(mm) Entrance width 455(maximum) x Full length 1075
Maximum weight 400kg
Required pig room size 1.0㎡/head(Full slat)
1.2㎡/head(Other than the entire slat)

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