Persistence of waterer specialized maker [SUEVIA HAIGES/Germany]

SUEVIA HAIGES GmbH (SUEVIA) which was founded in 1923 and has more than 80 years of history has been offering high quality products for 3 generations. SUEVIA is located between Stuttgart which is in southwest of Germany and Heilbronn. The company is named after the land where ancient European race Suevi tribe had been settled down.

Many companies based on this land produce high quality products. SUEVIA inherits this tradition and nowadays the products are exported worldwide.

SUELVIA never missed to bring in changing market needs which can apply its unique latest technology by participating agricultural exhibition in the world and close communication with institute and end users. By manufacturing products which match to market needs at own factory, SUEVIA can supply the best up-to-date products.

waterer specialized maker SUEVIA HAIGES from Germany

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