Manufacturer of Sow group feeding system “Velos”: Nedap/The Netherlands

Nedap was founded in 1928 and is a listed company who has 600 employees and covers wide range of industries such as power supply, electric light etc. Nedap offers products to many industries based on common technological platform. For instance, the technology used for the sow group feeding system “Velos”is same as ones used for security management of street signal system and Eiffel tower.

Nedap’s agri department develop, manufacture and sell to the world automated systems for livestock breeding. Today’s stockbreeding has a lot of requirements. At the same time, burden of feeding cost and stable manpower are increasing. Argi department offers labor saving and optimizing producers’ limited resources by automation of feeding, milking and rut detection. BY realizing livestock RFID technology at large scale farm, it achieves improvement of productivity per animal.

Sow group feeding system Velos

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