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Funki who has been supplying automatic feeding system and swinery feeder becomes ACO FUNKI as an affiliate company of ACO group which is a livestock housing system group with 60 sales offices around the world.

This change makes range of products wider and enables to offer total products from livestock barn to management software. Especially, individual management system improves dramatically to be able to better control each animal and meet consumers’ need of food safety.

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In new development department, experts from each section bring accumulated data and know how in order to endeavor continuous development of new products so that it realizes development of products which generates more efficient cost performance.

Also in addition to products, they started support services to provide advices such as “How and to where install equipment. How to improve productivity” in order to back up customer in total from design of barn to management.

You can expect what products, services and trend will come up from ACO FUNKI from country of advanced pig farming, Denmark.

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