Water Cups



As it is a basic water performance as a cup, it is a type that adopted plastic for the main body and reduced the cost.Heater can also be attached as an option.

Material Plastic
Plumbing Size 1/2” Upper and bottom plumb


SUEVIA 130P (Float Cup)

Float type. It is easy to remember the place of water. You can drain the plug by pulling out the plug at the bottom of the cup.

Material Plastic +stainless steel
Plumbing Size 1/2” right and left plumb
Water supply Float


Image: SUEVIA 340 (Float Cup)

Due to casting enamel cup and stainless steel cover, it is excellent in durability. Piping from the right side of the cup the cup is possible. It is easy to adjust the water level.

Material Casting enamel+stainless steel
Plumbing Size 1/2” right plumb
Water supply Float


Image: SUEVIA 130PH (Float Cup)

The basic performance is the same as Suevia 130P, but it is a model with built-in heater and thermostat for anti-freeze purpose. (To operate the heater, you need a separate transformer.)

Material Plastic + stainless steel
Plumbing Size 1/2” right and left plumb
Water Supply Float
heater 24V・20W(thermosta 5~12℃)