Teat Wash Massager

Teat quick cleaner MAXI

By using the teat quick cleaner, pre-dipping and milking towel become unnecessary. In addition, we can expect to reduce new infections of mastitis by making the same state regardless of who wipes the teat.

Teat quick cleaner MAXI
Can be used with various types of parlors.
  • Cleaning, massage, disinfection and wiping before milking can be done in about 15 to 18 seconds / head.
  • Increase papillary irritation and shorten milking time.
  • Remove the sphincter stains thoroughly.
  • Helps to reduce the number of bacteria and somatic cells.
  • Helps to prevent mastitis.
  • You can expect improvement of milk quality.
  • Since the amount of water used is about 200 cc / head, it can be saved.
  • Easy to assemble, lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Can be mounted on each type of milking parlor.
  • Cleaning and folding of large amounts of nipple towels can be greatly reduced.
  • Single phase 220V
  • Scrubber 24V motor
  • Water pressure range 2 to 4 kg / cm2
  • Use water temperature about 30 degrees (hot water required)
  • 2 scrubbers as standard