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Disinfection Mat / Entrance Mat

Thorough sterilization of shoes!

Image: Disinfection Mat / Entrance Mat
  MINI Entrance Mat Entrance Mat BIG Entrance Mat
Material PVC
Size (mm) 450 x 450 x 25 600 x 850 x 31 850 x 1800 x 31
Drug solution volume 3.5ℓ 8ℓ 25ℓ

<Replenishment of Disinfectant>
Specification of replenishment frequency and replacement timing is not particularly particular. Please refill as necessary.

Speedy Feeder(2.5L/4L) Easy Feeder(2.5L)

Feature (Speedy feeder)

Speedy feeder (2.5L/4L) Easy feederフィーダー (2.5L)

When the calves are hungry and want milk, you can quickly give milk by setting the switch to "Fast".

Also, if you need cautious baby feeding to a weak calf etc., you can deal with it by switching to "STOP" "SLOW" and drinking without leaking.

Easy feeder is a simple type without speed adjustment function.

Feature (Teat)

Image: Teat

Milk comes out from the tea into the V letter.

It is difficult for me to drink milk after one cushion on my cheeks etc.

In addition, the rubber quality of the teat is made sturdy, it is a teat that has been devised to promote the secretion of saliva by increasing the chewing action and to improve the appetite.

By placing the teat at the end of the bottle cap, you can give milk without leaving it.

It is with backflow prevention valve.

Quarter Milker 8ℓ

Quarter Milker 8ℓ

Because the cap mouth is large, it is easy to clean, with the handle attached, it is easy to carry around.

Connectable to the teat cup of each manufacturer, soft rubber tubes absorb the movement of cows during milking, realizing stability and ease of use.

WAIKATO Milkmeter 30/42kg

Image: WAIKATO Milkmeter 30/42kg

It is an IcAR certified product. Very accurate weighing is possible.
Milk control for each individual can be easily and accurately done.
Flask capacity 30kg and 42kg Mounting bracket Various kinds and spare parts are available.