Super Soft Green Mat

Exercise power in limb hoof management!

When cows lie down, 80% of their weight is supported by two front knees and one back knee, which compresses the blood circulation, causing the knees to swell and cause injuries.
To prevent such scratches, "super soft green mat" with superb comfort and durability.
There are almost no cases to step on the papilla, and disease incidence can also be reduced.
The connection type is a puzzle expression.
It can also be used as underlay for the luggage carrier truck bedding.

Super Soft Green Mat: Outstanding cushioning


  • By combination of rubber and EVA, moderate elasticity that the cow does not slip!
  • It is light and can be processed with a cutter.
  Individual type Link type
Size (mm) 1830 x 1165 x 28
Weight Approximately 20kg

Parlor Mat

Reduce your legs and cold during milking!

Image: Parlor Mat 1

Light and easy to install with interlock. By laying it on concrete, we reduce the burden on the feel warmth. It does not absorb water. There is no garbage, it is sanitary.

Image: Parlor Mat 2
Size (m)/Weight 1 x 1 / Approx. 2.5kg
Material EVA
Thickness (mm) 22
Color Yellow/Orange/Red/Purple/Blue/Green/Ash/Black