Calf Hatch


Made of high quality polyethylene, strong and long lasting!

Calf Hatch MINI

Calf Hatch MINI
Corresponding period From birth to 6 weeks of age
Material High quality polyethylene
Option Many options

Calf Hatch MIDI

Calf Hatch MIDI
Corresponding period From birth to 8 weeks of age
Material High quality polyethylene
Option Many options


Corresponding period From birth to 8 weeks of age
Material High quality polyethylene
Option Many options

(Both fences are optional.)


Water cup can be attached

Easy to move

Many optional parts

Option details

Towing bar

Feeding bowl, 5L

Bucket in plastic, 12L

Bracket, galvanized,for 12L bucket or feeding bowl 5L

Calf bucket drinker

Holder for flattened calf bucket drinker

Lid for flattened calf bucket drinker

Container for hay and concentrates

Door can be opened with one hand and gets closed with an easy push!

Front door

Ultra Flex-Pen™

  • Keep your calves healthy and happy with the next generation of the Flex-Pen!  The center panel can be removed for ULTRA versatility for either single or group calf housing.
  • These pens are also modular for ULTRA flexibility. Add on single pens for individual calf housing, or combine it with group pens  – all in the same row.
  • Separate water and feed buckets and bottles, as well as molded calf dividers, help prevent cross-contamination. And the lighter weight construction is easy to keep clean and even easier to move!

Back Panel opens for easy cleaning and access

Secure Easy-Grip Locking Handle

Ultra Rear Venting for maximum airflow

EZ Glide Panels make it easy to convert single pens into group pens


  • Ultra lightweight for easy setup and cleaning without jeopardizing durability
  • Single Front and Rear Panels
  • Self-aligning panels use EZ-Glide Connection Tabs and Hinges for easy and quick setup
  • Ultra bio-secure
  • Ultra rear rotary venting has no steel wire to rust, fully-adjustable air flow control, and no separate parts to lose or store
  • Integrated sliding side panel vents for additional air control and meets European regulations
  • Individual penning used to maximize pens per room size Individual pens interlock together for a clean line of calf spaces
  • Center panels can be removed to create a group penning option for as many calves as desired
  • Ultra pen access with a bi-swing front door for maximum flexibility Large ergonomically-designed door handle
  • Ultra tough, non-metal door frame made with a structural compression molding process
  • Ultra Flex-Pen panels available in a 5′, 6′, and 7′ lengths to fit any size barn operation and allows for optimum calf space
  • Modular Freestanding penning means no post or install to floor (keep adding to it; no fasteners to install on floor)
  • Units can also be wall mounted using our optional wall mounting bracket
  • Bottle or Pail Milk Feeding Options dove-tailed with water and grain feed spaces
  • 10-year Warranty – One of the best warranties in the business

Ultra Flex-Pen Freestanding STARTER Kit Specs

7' Panel
Outside Dimensions: 96" L x x 45" H /
244 cm L x 114 cm H
Total Weight: 130.8 lbs. / 59.3 kg
6' Panel
Outside Dimensions: 84" L x 45" H /
213 cm L x 114 cm H
Total Weight: 116 lbs. / 52.6 kg
5' Pane
Outside Dimensions: 72" L x 45" H /
183 cm L x 114 cm H
Total Weight: 104.8 lbs. / 47.5 kg