Detail about Glass Lining Steel panel

What is Glass Lining Steel panel?

The high temperature fusion of glass to steel at 850℃ results in an inert, durable finish. Glass-Fused-to-Steel is the only tank finish where two materials are fused together to achieve the best of both materials - the strength and flexibility of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of glass. Applied to both interior and exterior surfaces, Glass-Fused-to-Steel is able to withstand the rigours of the construction site and provide many years of trouble free service in harsh environments.

Glass Lining Steel panel
  • Hard as Quartz
  • Inert as Silica
  • Strong & Flexible as Steel
  • Colour fast
  • High gloss and easy cleaning throughout its life
  • Environmentally sound

Unique manufacturing processes

Unique manufacturing processes
  1. raw steel
  2. unching and cut outs
  3. grit blasting of steel to SA 21/2 standard/SSPC-10
  4. rolling of panels
  5. chemical cleaning
  6. pre-protective dousing
  7. application of nickel rich pre-coat
  8. drying ovens
  9. application of cobalt rich glass layer
  10. bisque oven
  11. fired through furnace at over 1500F
  12. application of dedicated TRIFUSION layer
  13. bisque oven
  14. fired again through furnace at over 1500F
  15. continuity testing – one of 16 quality inspections
  16. heets packed on individual project basis

Zero-Discontinuity Glass Fusion Technology

Long-lived and durable
- a reputation that can only be gained by dedication to the highest quality and commitment to ZERO DISCONTINUITY glass fusion. A philosophy enshrined in our procedures, which exceed the requirements of International Enamelling Standards. All industrial grade finishes are subject to 100% inspection and electronic testing of the contact face. Any panel having a discontinuity is rejected.


The PERMASTORE? Family of Glasses - Unrivalled Storage Solutions

PERMASTORE® aims to optimise the cost of tank ownership by offering a choice of glass specification to match the needs of your application, ensuring minimum capital costs and virtually eliminating maintenance costs.

ECOFUSION®, ISOFUSION®, TRIFUSION®, and TRIFUSION® PLUS provide the optimum choice to give cost effective solutions in applications from storage of agricultural slurry to very demanding industrial effluents.

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