Comparison between Glass Lining Tank and Concrete Tank

Concrete or Glass Lining Tank for your next waste water tank?

Demerit of concrete tank

When correctly specified and produced concrete can be an excellent construction material providing long service in many conditions, but for a waste water tank, concrete’s inherent weaknesses are exposed, especially when the difference between specification and as-built quality can be enormous. A great deal of care and rigorous inspection is required at the construction site in order to avoid the following project risks:-

  • Concrete attach by low pH, sulfates, nitrate, phenols, chlorine and even soft water.
  • Reinforcing bars corroding when the surface concrete cover is too thin, cracked or loses its alkalinity – a process called carbonation resulting from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Chlorides, a common constituent in waste water can also corrode reinforcing bars by breaking down the passive layer on the steel surface.
  • Reinforcing bar corrosion results in cracking and spalling of the concrete cover.
  • Exfoliation can also cause cracking and spalling on the tank walls which experience wetting and drying cycles. Salts from the waste water crystalize and expand in the concrete pores resulting in damage similar to frost damage.
    Leakage around water bars can be difficult to locate and cure.

Appropriate waste water tank uses concrete for foundation and glass lining steel panel for body.

Concrete is at its best when it is used for its mass, when it is not submitted to frequent wetting and drying and when cover of the reinforcing bars can be maximized. This means that concrete makes and excellent base and foundation for a tank, where gravity works for us and as-built quality can more readily meet specifications without complex site preparation and high levels of inspection. Durable, high quality bases can be produces by local construction companies, but there are far better materials for the walls of a waste water tank.

PERMASTORE Glass Lined Tank system combined with a concrete base, subject to materials to be stored, provides the optimum solution for waste water tanks.

Using both materials in their strongest mode provides numerous benefits :-

  • The strength and engineering adaptability of steal means that complex process vessels can be easily designed and built.
  • The corrosion resistance of the glass means that the tank is very durable with a life expectancy in excess of 30 years.
  • The tanks are easy to design and specify.
  • Factory based quality assurance ensures that the as-built quality meets specification.
  • The modular, flat packed system provides low cost transport and easy site access anywhere in the world ensures light weight and rapid construction.
  • Project risks and site inspection are minimized.
  • Concrete bases are simple to prepare and maximize local content.
  • The finished product is cost effective, durable and leak free.
PERMASTORE Glass Lined Tank system