Glass Lining Tank - Assembled steel circular tank

Did you know?
The best performing glass lining tank in the world is Permastore!

"Glass Lining Tank - Assembled steel circular tank - " offers long-term safe storage by combination of selection of optimal glass lining to match customers use condition/application, high-accuracy bolting/panel fitting.

Proven result in various applications such as industrial effluent treatment, solid, potable water, livestock slurry, biomass, bio ethanol etc.

Glass Lining Tank - Assembled steel circular tank

High Quality and Structural Safety

Offering "zero defect quality" with its strict high voltage tests, so all panels are free from out-of-spec enamel thicknesss, hoidays and air bubbles.

30 year Design Life-time

Glass fused on to steel sheets in a high temperature of over 800 degrees C assuring the highest level of performance, such as anti-corrosion, acid-resistance and strength.

High Cost Efficiency and Performance

Out of the five different glass coatings, the most suitably peroforming and cost-effective one is always chosen for particular application, purpose of use and climate condition. The types of roofs is also chosen for particular application, such as glass lining steel, PVC and aluminum.

Good Reputation and Reference

ermastore is a company with over 50 years'experience as the leading manufacturer dedicated to the Glass Lining Tank market. Installing over 300,000 tanks in the regions of the world, including 800 tanks in Japan.

What is Glass Lining? - Features and merits of glass lined steel panel -

"Glass Lining" is not just painting.

Silica based enamel material is melted by high temperature and bonded to steel panel by chemical fusion in order to form synthetic glass/steel panel. Steel panel made by thermal fusion glass processing is called "Glass Lining Steel Panel".

Glass lining steel panel has superior resistance to chemical. Also it is good in anti-corrosive and anti-discoloring. It enables cost efficient storage.

Thus, glass lining steel panel used for glass lining tank is an economical material which has superior anti-corrosive compare to other anti-corrosive material. Also all glass lining steel panel has passed strict testing.

Selectable Glass Lining grade, desing and size depend on application

It is important to install safer and more economical tank by optimizing coating grade and design.

We offer 5 grades of glass lined steel plate for "Glass lining tank" in order to propose the best tank according to application such as solid, rainwater, filtration, sludge storage, industrial effluent etc.

Panel overlapping can be freely set by applying bolt assemble module design. Expansion and relocation are possible. Wide range of size is available as 3.416m to 30.74m tank diameter.

As assemble at sight is easy and fast, it has a reputation that the scheduling of construction can be made easily.

it is important to install safer and more economical tank by optimizing coating grade and design

Example of various applications

Glass Lining Tank has been manufactured for more than 60 years and has reference of more than 90,000 tanks in more than 110 countries.

We built up know how through structural design analysis, CAD drawing, continuous product development in long-term experience of tank manufacturing. Moreover, all of produced glass lined steel panel had been passed through strict testing so that the products boast very long durable time.
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The manufacturer of high quallty tank "PERMASTORE"


PERMASTORE has been supplying its engineering and manufacturing techniques to more than 110 countries as an international leading company of from 1959 till today.

Today, glass lining tank by PERMASTORE substitute concrete tank by its minimal maintenance, low cost and longer durable years for industrial/agricultural/biogas applications in each countries.

PERMASTORE is able to offer optimum solution to various storage needs.