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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion 1

PERMASTORE has been a world leader in the design and supply of specialist roofed vessels for anaerobic digesters for the past 30 years.

It has developed considerable expertise in designing the optimum configuration to meet the exacting requirements of major international process companies, contractors and operators.

It understands the issues related to the variations in influent waste streams; the needs of different digestion processes (mesophilic or thermophilic); the problems of maintaining consistent operating pH levels and temperatures; the essential requirement for structural integrity to eliminate oxygen ingress; the requirement to satisfy the various structural loadings from suspended internal mixing equipment, as well as the normal external loadings of wind, snow etc.

Anaerobic Digestion 2

Above all it understands that structures may need to be adapted during their lifetime as waste materials change and process technology advances. By addressing the differing needs of the liquid and gaseous zones, modular Glass-Fused-to-Steel offers a unique opportunity to combine the optimum materials with future flexibility and provide insulated vessels with considerable structural integrity and proven long economic life. As a result of the considerable experience in this sector, PERMASTORE has enjoyed repeat business from customers who have learned from their own experience how much their own risks have been reduced. PERMASTORE® digesters have operated and survived operating conditions that have resulted in the demolition of concrete structures unable to withstand the corrosive nature of the materials and processes.

Example (1)

Example (1)
 Model 4units 1600 M3/each
Application sewage sludge treatment 1,600m3
 Location U.K.
Built Ordered in Mar, 1997. Delivered in July, 1997


Example (2)

Example (2)
Model 2005C6 (inner) & 6415 (outer)
Application Industrial wastewater treatment 1,280m3
Location Nicaragua
Built 2005