Equipment for Biogas Power Plant

We offer equipment for biogas power plant which use methane gas obtained by fermentation of food debris and raw sewage.

Glass Lining Tank

This tank offers long-term safe storage by combination of selection of optimal glass lining to match customers use condition/application, high-accuracy bolting/panel fitting.

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover

The unique and patented Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is perfect on almost any form of fluid surface.

LJM Submersible Mixers & Pumps

LJM submersible mixers for homogenization of input materials as well as efficient and rapid mixing in digesters and sludge tanks. LJM submersible pump for pumping slurry with the wide range of dry matter contents.


Landia Gas Mix is hence the only digester mixing system where the digester never has to be opened for service or repair of the mixing system.


Hanging type gasbag in a bolted galvanized steel tank. Stand alone type is cost-competitive and safe biogas storage solution.

Gas flare (Excessive biogas combustion unit)

Complete excessive biogas combustion in safe and secured way
Long lasting high quality construction

What is the Biogas System?

  • Utilization of resources : Electricity and heat energy recovered from animal manure can be used for replenishing of electric power and heating in building and hot water cleaning.
  • Conversion to organic agriculture : The digested fluid after fermentation is quite rich so it can be used as more effective organic fertilizer than fermented/aerated fertilizers.
  • Environment Health and Safety : Since biogas system is based on anaerobic digestion in closed tank, it reduces disperse of odor, O2 and ammonia.

Flow Chart of Biogas System(Example of Biogas power generation from raw sewage)

Flow Chart of Biogas System(Example of Biogas power generation from raw sewage)