A unique mixing system - for anaerobic digesters

Landia GasMix is the ideal mixing solution for anaerobic digesters. Most importantly it is all externally mounted with no rotating equipment inside the digester. The entire system, including the nozzles, is mounted on the outside of the digester. Landia GasMix is hence the only digester mixing system where the digester never has to be opened for service or repair of the mixing system. This advantage also leads to significantly improved Health and Safety conditions.

Landia GasMix is suitable for most types of digesters and is suitable for a wide variety of sludges with a TS concentration of up to 12%.

A Complete System – guaranteed

A key part of each Landia GasMix system is the pipework that connects all the components in accordance with the designer’s specification.
Landia is responsible for the pipe design - this is one less thing for the busy project manager to consider, saving time and money! 

  • Customized for each individual project
  • Flexible pipe system without welding
  • Flow-optimized design
  • Easy to replace parts of the pipe system
  • Extra thickness for increased lifetime
  • Available in both stainless and mild steel
  • Complete delivery and assembly including start-up

Process benefits

Improved sludge reduction – University research* proves higher biogas production due to enhanced cell destruction and viscosity reduction. This in the end results in improved sludge reduction compared to traditional mixing.