Our Business


- Microelectronics fabrication services and distribution of semiconductor manufacturing system and material

電子部 半導体製造技術を応用した受託加工、および関連機器の輸入・販売

We offer wide range of products/services from R&D through volume production mainly in semiconductor business. For instance, our "Thin film technology" is the cutting edge technology to fabricate nano and micron scale structure and is broadly applicable to products such as accelerometer for mobile/game devices and key component of fuel cell/solar panel. There are many advanced products available as result of our provision of material, manufacturing service and technology licensing to corporation and institutes.

This is just an example of our solution to clients' requirement though various proposal for up-to-date electronics industry. Our strength is in the capability to offer any kind of proposal by using creativity and global network. It is the highlight of "Solution Provider". We place emphasis on creativity and curiosity than just knowledge so that we will provide OJT thoroughly as long as the person has eagerness and vitality even has insufficient experience.


- Import and distribution of food stuff mainly meat products.

食品部 生ハムなど高級食材の輸入・販売

We were the first importer who paid attention to Italian and Spanish cured ham among others and now we boast our position as one of top company of cured ham business with concept of "Improve quality of life through food culture".
We also import cheese, wine and gourmet meat based on the thought that really tasty products enable to make everyone happy.

Our job is to spread about culture and philosophy of producers not only just product distribution. In concrete, it is a job to build but deep trust and understanding of "authenticity" by keep showing up ourselves at customer site (wholesaler, hotel, restaurant, department store, retail stores). We provide OJT thoroughly to the person who has passion to "foods" even with insufficient experience.


- Import and distribution of machinery for livestock breeding and environmental system

機械部 酪農・養豚に関する機材、および環境関連機器の輸入・販売

It is a business to import advanced machinery from overseas countries such as Dairy kingdom Denmark, The Netherlands, Oceania and sell to corporate, farm and coop association.
We regionally cover all over Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu, Okinawa. We focus on build up advanced system for livestock farming by mutual trust with customers via operation training through installation.

There is a variety of issues in Japanese livestock industry such as lack of labor, environment, free-trade etc. We focus on how to solve such problems, how to support customers and offer solution to realize better productivity / management not only just distribution. Also recent years, we focus on environmental business such as bio gas plant which realize electric/thermal energy generation from waste for usage of electric power suppliance and heating of barn and water. It is a challenging job for the person who has interest in nature and environment.

Business Development

- Future business development, Support to other depts.

企画開発室 次世代のビジネス創出や、各部のサポート

This department takes part in planning and development of new business. For instance, in case of Biomedical project imports and distributes unique and sophisticated system and reagent for laboratory use such as special cell incubator for regenerative medicine and painless DNA collection kit etc. Also we are positive in developing original products/services such as swine DNA traceability system getting grant from METI. Our vision is to lead the time by preparing for next generation research theme though active collaboration with institutes and bio ventures all over the world.

Another role of this department is planning and methodology development of marketing, promotion and MOT for all departments. It plays a role as centralized control center of WEB marketing, SEO, IT utilization, mass communication, event planning in order to make business activities in each dept. more efficient

General Affairs

- Administrative job covers wide range of HR, accounting, labor etc.

総務部 人事、経理、労務など多岐にわたる仕事を手がける管理部門

It is a department executing administrative tasks such as accounting, labor, HR and general affairs. It covers wide scope of work like management support, adjustment among departments, diplomacy and support of each employee.
We focus on fulfillment of each employee's life and work in order to bring enjoyment to them and happiness to their families. We take part as lubricant for company's growth by acting with mind of "support colleagues" which creates better environment for colleagues to work comfortably.

The best time for us in our task is when we see colleagues' smile. We thrive to be always full of hospitality and be a bridge among departments. We are satisfied when we see employees are enjoying together through welfare programs such as company trip etc. Although the department seldom contributes in profitability compare to sales and manufacturing division, accomplishment and satisfaction are outstanding as every step by step affects to company's performance. It is also very fascinating that sometimes we can work as a representative person of the company.