Our Company

Company Culture

"Put own idea out beyond barriers while respecting other thought", this is our company culture.

This culture enables us to continuously develop unique business beyond barriers of market and national border. Our company members strive to be "Solution provider" with high communication skill enjoying such challenge and growth.


Human Resource Development

Acquisition of practical knowledge through OJT and external training

Every task in the operation is related to customer satisfaction. Therefore, no one can avoid acquisition of knowledge and skill of proposal as a professional. We pay attention to "Acquisition of practical knowledge" which is the most important element for professional person, and execute human resource development based on OJT by senior associates and supervisor.
Also we organize external training or training session by external instructor. Company members are given chances to cultivate to try not to be "a big fish in a little pond".

[Examples of executed external training]
Venture Business School, MOT, Quality Management, Production Management, Leader/Manager training, Freshman training, Financial and Accounting, Web creation etc.

Enjoy growth

At the beginning of fiscal year, all employees set the goal and develop plan to achieve it through thorough discussion with supervisors. Follow up meeting with supervisor is held every half a year to review the progress and revise the plan if necessary.

At year end performance review, employees can take the opportunity for its upgrowth by clarifying "what was the good point" "what ability must be stretched" through interactive meeting with supervisors.


Enjoy challenge

Every employee has a chance to propose idea of new business and new project internally. When CEO judges it is worthwhile, the idea is treated as "Special project" which is executed together with CEO and the proposer directly. With this scheme, company members are able to make dream or idea come true based on agile and dynamic decision by top management.

Improve communication skill

As we are engaging in international cross-border business, there are many opportunities to work with people from around the world. Essentially, "skill to convey the points" is important rather than "speaking fluently". If you have insufficient ability to convey what you need to convey in your mother tongue, it is impossible to do better in other languages.
If you are full of motivation and have enough responsibility to take important mission, everyone has equal chance to be in charge of international business in order to try oneself in wider field.


Widen a view

Experience widely without setting limit to yourself. It develops multilateral viewpoint which is usable for pursuing creative "Solution business".

We organize various events such as company trip in order to make employees view wider and also activate internal relationship.