Wafer bonding

Wafer bonding services

Wafer bonding is an essential process in MEMS device fabrication.
We offer metal hybrid bonding (fusion bonding) by carrying out all steps from CMP to dicing.
We meet customers’ requirement by having various methods of bonding.

SUSS wafer bonder

SUSS wafer bonder
(Model : SB8e)

Left: Plasma activation unit (Model : PL12) and Right: Aligne

Left : Plasma activation unit (Model : PL12)
Right : Aligne

Acoustic microscope

Acoustic microscope
(Model : SONOSCAN)

Equipment specification

Name of equipment SB8e
Heating <500℃
Loading <20KN
Vacuum 5x10-5 mbar
Substrate size Chip-size to φ8”
Alignment tolerance ±1µm


Bonding methods

Direct bonding

  • Low temp plasma activation (Fusion bonding) Atmosphere to vacuum, 100 to 300℃
  • Normal temperature bonding (Surface activated bonding) High vacuum Normal temperature

With adhesion layer

  • Eutectic bonding (Solder bonding) : AuSn(290℃), AuSi(390℃), AuGe(430℃)
  • Metal diffusion bonding : Au-Au(300℃), Al-Al(400℃), Cu-Cu(350℃)
  • Glass flit bonding : Pb free (450℃)
  • Adhesive bonding, Resin bonding : BCB(250℃), Polyimide(300℃), Epoxy(160℃), Silicone(200℃)

Resin bonding




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