Si/Glass substrate, Wafers with thin films, TEG wafers

Si(Silicon) wafer substrate image
  • We offer various kinds of high quality wafers manufactured under strict quality controls.
  • We offer wafers of various materials even in very small quantities (few pieces), according to customers' needs.
  • We offer wafers with SiO2 layer.
  • We offer glass substrates (quartz, pyrex, etc.)

Silicon wafer

Manufactured by slicing from high purity silicon ingot. Widely used from mass production of high quality products to specialized research. Applications ranging from materials and electronics companies, semiconductor business and solar cells.

Name Purpose Device, process
Monitor wafer Quality check, condition set up applications Implantation, sputtering, CVD
Dummy wafer Transport check, jig substitute, particle check Use of transport equipment, oxidation furnace
Play wafer Transport check, jig substitute, particle check applications Use of transport equipment, oxidation furnace
Metal coated wafer Electrode, anti-diffusion, mirror, seed layer, light shielding Coater, developer, etcher
Thin oxide film wafer Solar cells, touch panels Coater, developer, etcher
Counter-bored wafer Susceptor, stage, tray CVD, analytical instruments
Thin wafer Three dimensional integrated circuit, sensor applications Bonding apparatus
Wafer bonding Power devices, MEMS applications CMP, etcher
Square wafer Various research applications -

Available sizes from 1" to 16". Can be diced.

Silicon wafer processing list

  • Sliced
  • Acid etching
  • Polishing processing
  • RCA cleaning
  • Particle measurement
  • Dicing
  • Beveling (chamfering) processing
  • Annealing processing
  • Spot facing
  • Grooving

Sapphire wafer

Used as crystal growth substrate for LED、GaN and crystals. Available from 1" to 6", can also be cut to shape.

Various applications, like window materials, sensors, optical devices, lenses.

Glass substrate

Varied electrical, optical, medical and industrial application. Special sizes for research available on request.

Name Description
Soda glass Common glass that is used in windows and bottles.
Quartz glass Highest purity SiO2, chemical and heat resistant, excellent insulating properties
Synthetic quartz High IR and UV transmission, optical lenses, photomasks
Pyrex, TEMPAX Heat and chemical resistant, excellent strength
Alumina silicate glass Excellent heat resistance, high infrared transmittance
FTO glass Conductive glass used in research and developing applications, for example dye sensitized solar cells
Corning 1737 Predecessor of the Eagle 2000 glass. Standard in the 1990s for LCD
Eagle XG Halogen and heavy metal free LCD glass




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