Roll to Roll thin film sputtering services

In line with needs of miniaturization, weight saving and thinning of electronics appliances, development of film devices such as photovoltaic, electric paper, OELD, lithium ion battery etc. becomes popular than ever.


  • Control deposition rate and carrier rate according to material of thin film/substrates. We offer thin film processed by optimum conditions.
  • Possible to undertake processes in few meters.

Applicable thin film material

  • Ag
  • Al
  • C
  • Cr
  • Cu
  • Mo
  • W

Please ask for other materials

Applicable substrates

  • PMMA
  • PET
  • PC
  • PEN
  • COC
  • etc.


  • Photovoltaic(Thin film Si, Organic thin film, dye-sensitised
  • Electric paper
  • Organic devices (OLED, Organic thin film transistor)
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Thin film condenser
  • Film, Plastic substrates

Specification of equipment

Sputtering method Roll to roll
Reverse sputtering N/A
Substrate holder Roller length 140mm
Reactive sputter ASK (O2mass flow is available)
Power supply DC
Distribution of thin film thickness ±5%
Exhaust system Turbo molecular pump
Rotary pump
Ultimate pressure : 1 x 10 - 4 Pa(w/o substrate)
Leak volume : 10 - 3 Pa・L/s(w/o substrate
Vacuometer : Pirani gauge, BA gauge
Potentiometer : Quadrupole mass spectrometer
Gas introduction : mass flow controller
Sputtering source Magnetron sputtering source x 1
Substrate heating N/A
Substrate transfer Roll to roll (with tension control)
Processing capacity Roller width : max. 140mm
Roll length : Several Tens meters
T-S distance 50mm (changeable to 100mm)
Working environmen Clean booth
装置外観図Equipment outer appearance



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