Next generation power device wafer level prototyping services

Prototyping can be done with small number of substrates say, single wafer and also for a single process (Also flexible to other smaller size substrates and chips)


  • The substrate material can be Si, SiC, Ga2O3, diamond, etc.
  • We are one-stop solution for all the processes (front electrode-P/N ion implantation-back electrode formation) for various substrates under optimal conditions.
Thin Film Deposition Process
Sputtering In addition to base metals and precious metals 120 types of materials including nitrides can be selected for front and back electrodes.
Depositing thin gate insulators such as HfO2 , Al2O3 , SiO2 , TiO2 AlON, SiON for power semiconductor devices is possible.
CVD CVD processes like PE-CVD, LP-CVD are possible
High temperature・High Energy Ion Implantation Process / Activated Annealing Process
Ion Implantation / RTA Capable of ion Implantation and activated annealing with optimized conditions for power semiconductor devices. Capable of handling wafer of sizes up to 6 inch dia. (chip size processing is also possible)
Patterning Process
Photolithography Aligner, stepper, E-beam Lithography can be performed based on specification
Etching Dry (Trench processing is possible for SiC , GaN substrates), Wet
Key Process
MO-CVD GaN and various other kinds are possible
CMP Slurry advice for CMP processes of GaN, SiC, etc. from substrate level to device
 Wafer Bonding Bonding of SiC, GaN, etc. is possible
Dicing Dicing using special blades for SiC, GaN is possible

Beside SiC and GaN, processing on other substrates like Ga2O3, Diamond, etc. is possible



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