Thin film lithium secondary batteries (LiPON, Li etc.)

Thin film second generation lithium ion batteries deposition and processing

Second generation lithium ion batteries are an essential part of the fast growing mobile electronics application market, such as laptops, mobile phones or portable music players. With the recent development of leakage free, safe thin film batteries they have found additional use in IC-cards, electronic paper and attracted considerable attention from medical application manufacturers.

In our company we have provided assistance in the development of all-solid-state electrolyte Li ion battery prototypes.


  • Can support anodes, cathodes and solid electrolyte membranes
  • Solid electrolyte: LiPON solid electrolyte ion conductivity exceeds 1x10-6 S/cm
  • Various target materials are also for sale

Solid electrolyte LiPON ion conductivity achievement

Ion conductivity (S/cm) (theoretical value 3.3x10-6) 1.23 x 10-6 (our film)
Deposition conditions   RF, reactive N2

*The LiPON thin film properties depend on experimental conditions and a guarantee of above values cannot be given.

Possible film types

Anode LiCoO2, LiMn2O4, Other
Solid state electrolyte LiPON, Li7La3Zr2O12, Other
Cathode Nb2O5, Si, C, Other
Possible film types

Prospective customers

  • Would want to check the compatibility of the solid state electrolyte
  • May have the need for film deposition for analytical purposes
  • May lack equipment for deposition



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