Thin film inspection / analysis services

Thin film assay

We check various materials' (synthetic quartz, silicon wafer, etc.) membrane characteristics with an up-to-date analytical device.

Analytical device FE-SEM Ultra-high resolution microscopy
Measuring principle The electric beam is irradiated on the surface of the sample. After that secondary and backscatter image can be observed.
Features ・Magnification: < ×800,000
・Characterization and suitable quantity of the element (points, uniformity within the surface)
Suitable fields Quality control of the sputtering process and some other processes, which are related to observation of the sectional thin film multilayer formation samples, such as that of the magnetic head.
Analytical device µ-ESCA X Ray Photoelectronic Microanalyzer
Measuring principle When the X-ray of specific energy is applied to the sample surface, from the polar surface (a few nm depth) you can see a photoelectron, which discharges the specific energy for every element. Type and quantity of the elements are specified from the energy and strength. Furthermore, thanks to the state of the element, the electron energy barely changes, which is a phenomenon, used for analysis.
Features ・Detectable elements: All elements after Li
・Lowest level of detection: 0.1
・X Ray beam: MIN10µmΦ
・Energy resolution: MAX0.5eV
・Depth analysis: 1nm/min
・Insulation analysis is easy
・Mapping analysis is available
Suitable fields Metal, Semiconductors, Minerals, Organic material, High polymer, etc.
Analytical device FE-AES Auger electron spectroscopy
Measuring principle When the electrical beam is applied to the sample surface, from the polar surface( a few nm depth) Auger electrons are discharging the specific energy for each element. Type and quality differ, according to the energy and strength of the element. At the time of discharging, the electrical beam becomes thinner, which allows analysis in a very narrow area(40nmΦ)
Features ・Detectable elements: All elements after Li
・Lowest level of detection:0.1
・Depth analysis: 1nm/min 100nm/min
・Mapping analysis: 1,000
Suitable fields Metal, Semiconductors
Analytical device TOF-SIMS Time-of-Flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Measuring Principle When a small percentage of Ga is applied to the sample surface, the atoms and molecules of the upper surface of the sample( depth is A level) get ionized, thanks to the sputtering, and are later discharged as secondary ions. Thanks to this Time-of- Flight secondary ion mass spectrometric analyzer, the measurement can be done at high resolution level.
Features ・Detection area: High resolution: up to 10,000
・Organic tissue and metal: Detection of organic ion is possible
・Space resolution: less than 120nm
・Depth detection: From the upper atom surface to 100nm
・Simultaneous detection of all ions: Simultaneous detection of all materials and quantity
・Insulation analysis is easy
Suitable fields Metal, Semiconductors, Minerals, Organic tissue, High polymers: surface configuration chemical analysis, element's uniformity image, depth analysis

Ultra-micro chemical analysis

We check various materials' (synthetic quartz, silicon wafer, etc.) membrane possible defects with this device.

Analytical device GDMS Glow discharge mass spectrometry
Measuring principle The sample discharges glow in the gas, ionizes the sputtering atoms of the surface in the ion plazma, detecting these ion with a high polymer analyzer.
Features ・Direct analysis of solid sample (high-purity metal, semiconductors, ceramics etc.) is available.
・Detection sensitivity : pg (picogram 10-12g)/g level
・Wide dynamic range (about 11 digit)
・Semi-quantitative analysis without standard sample is available.
・Depth profiling in µm order is available (Resolution : 0.1µm)
・Isotope ratio measurement is available.
Suitable fields ・Semiconductor related materials
・Monocrystallization and polycrystallization silicon, synthetic quartz analysis
・High polymer metal, ceramics( aluminium, Ti, etc): analysis
・All types of thin film: depth analysis

Reliability evaluation test

All types of materials (synthetic quartz, silicon wafers, etc) : the following tests occur. Other tests are also possible, please contact us for details.

Test name Scratch test Whole specific evaluation
Contents Check how well glued is the thin film to the base Thin film of semiconductors and PN and career judgement's density and movement: judgement