Micro Lens Array fabrication Services

We offer fabrication service of micro lens array applying photolithography and etching.

Micro Lens Array

Micro Lens Array SEM
<square lens>
Lens array pitch 5 to 500µm with ±5% accuracy
Lens precision Radius of curvature accuracy±10%
Lens array area Up to 140mm diameter
Lens array material Quartz, Silicon, metal (Ni electroforming)
Thin glass substrate ≧100µm
AR coating Possible
Micro Lens Array SEM
<hexagonal lens>


  • Collimation
  • Focusing
  • Beam splitting
  • Image sensor, etc.

High precision micro lens arrays (Fresnel lens including diffraction grating) are offered for applications such as image sensors, projectors, and high brightness LEDs and organic LEDs.