Sputtering targets and Bonding process

We offer distribution and bonding processing of sputtering target (planer and cylindrical) from specialty material for R&D to general material for volume production for Semiconductors, MRAM, Touch panel, Anti reflection film, Solar (Photovoltaic), Lithium ion battery, displays etc.


  • Our Quality assurance system is based on ISO9001.
  • We undertake manufacturing of sputtering target from small volume custom product to high volume.
  • In addition to planar type, we correspond to cylindrical (rotary) target and bonding which have advantages in cost and yield.
  • Proprietary high quality bonding material and processes.
  • We have a large UT inspection device (ultrasonic flaw detection) in-house.
  • In addition to our own facilities, we correspond to various needs by our global partners’ network.
  • We offer reliable bonding which fits your budget based on long standing expertise and knowledge.

Sputtering Target

We correspond to supply needs in various applications, sizes, materials, purity from small quantity. (Please ask for materials non available in below examples). In addition to planar type, we correspond to cylindrical (rotary, rotatable) target which have advantages in productivity and film thickness distribution for applications such as Photovoltaic (thin film, CIGS etc.), Flat Panel Display (FPD) and Optical thin film. According to material, we choose the suitable production method such as splay, fusion and sinter in order to offer high quality and reasonable cost cylindrical (rotary) target. Refurbishment and recycle of used target is also available.

Example of Application and Materials

  • Battery : CuGa(In), Ga, In, Sn, ZnS, Solid Li compound
  • Touch Panel : Si, Nb, ITO, SnO, Nb2Ox, Au(alloy), Ag(alloy), Cu(alloy)
  • AR coat for touch panel : Si(alloy), Nb compound
  • Demolding material for mold : C(alloy)
  • Piezoelectric : PZT
  • Circuit for FPD, Transparent conductive film : Al(alloy), Cu(alloy), ITO
  • Construction glass : Al(alloy), Ag(alloy), Cu, SST
Sputtering Target

Rotary targets

Anodic bonding, Ag, Al, Cr, Cu, Cu-Ga, Cu-In, In, In-Sn, Inconel, Mo, Nb, Ni, Ni-Cr, Ni-V, Si, Si-Al, Sn, SUS, Ti, Ti-Al, W, W-Ti, Zn, Zn-Al, Zn-Sn, Zr, AZO etc.

*Ask for purity degree and size

Rotary targets

Precious Metal Scrap Collection, Recycling and Refining Services

We purchase, recycle and refine materials containing precious and rare metals such as Au, Pt, Ag, Pd.

Applicable items

  • Used targets
  • Used precious metal plating solutions
  • Used precious metal containing etching solutions
  • Precious metal containing blast powders
  • Precious metal film containing boards, hearth liners, heat sinks, etc.,
  • In addition to above, any precious metal containing discarded equipment, flake scraps, IC scraps, etc., can be collected and recycled.


Precious metal scrap   Au, Pt, Ag, Pd,containing plating scraps, pastes, solder scraps, etc.
Electronic component scrap  CPU, IC, chip parts, ceramic parts, contacts, memory, HDD, etc.
Board  scrap   Various PC boards, FPC, car boards, board scraps, LT boards, scrap Si, etc.
Other rare metals   Ta, Mo, W, In containing target materials, plated plates, etc.

Bonding Service

We realized incomparable high quality bonding by utilizing abundant basic data through sputtering target distribution, proprietary bonding technic, application-oriented solder selection, ultrasonic welder for robust bonding, large C-Scan inspection system (ultrasonic) etc. We correspond to high performance bonding such as cooling efficiency uniformization, crack free treatment etc.

Not only planar type, we correspond to long length cylindrical (rotary) target bonding by proprietary technologies.

Moreover, we correspond to various specific needs in agile and detailed way such as reduction of cost and delivery time by refurbishing backing plate with our systematic operation programme.

Bonding Service



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