Barr removal of thermosetting resin (Unsaturated polyester etc.)

Barr at mold injection of thermosetting resin such as unsaturated polyester is very stiff and difficult to remove.
Conventional method of barr removal requires longer task and effluent treatment is needed.

Conventional methods of removal

  Method Issue
Dry cleaning UV/Ozone
Plasma cleaning
Laser cleaning
Initial cost, ROI, Space for installation,Effluent treatment cost etc.
Wet cleaning Bruch scrub
High pressure jet
Ultrasonic etc.
Dry cleaning Dry ice cleaning
Pellet blast type
Cleaning damage, Delivery cost etc.

Dry ice blast cleaning brings benefit of time reduction and effluent free, however generally available dry ice blast systems which applies CO2pellet have problem such as high initial cost, damage to resin during cleaning etc.

Our dry ice blast cleaner "SUPERBLAST" realizes reduction of initial cost, operation time and damage-free finishing!

Practical application of dry ice blast cleaner "SUPERBLAST"...

Cleaning condition

  • Object to be removed : Barr made of unsaturated polyester
  • Cleaned area : Asymmetric unleve Φ50mm sq.
  • Cleaner : SUPERBLAST Reborn
  • Cleaning time : 1min


Visual inspection after cleaning
Barr was removed in short time while causing no damage to surface of the injected product.

Merit as a result

Merit (1) Significant time saving compared to conventional brushing method. →1/20

Merit (2) Less/no damage to object compare to other makers’ dry ice cleaners.

Unsaturated polyester is versatile thermosetting plastic (resin) material used for home product, car parts etc.

Our original dry ice blast cleaning system "SUPERBLAST" enables damage-free and time saving cleaning of injection mold by applying unique method to blast crushed powder dry ice.