Repair of motor (with carbon brush) for CMP slurry tube pump

Do you have a need to reuse life-ended motor for tube pump to control slurry volume in CMP system?

Consumption of carbon brush caused accumulation of carbon particle inside motor. When carbon particle goes through bearing part, the motor is considered as it comes to the end of life.

Exchange to new motor

Guaranteed quality
× Troublesome for preparation and desk work.

In-house refurbishment

× Individual difference may cause damage to mold.
× Dame to mold. Collection of blasted powder.

Possible to refurbish by combination of cleaning by dry ice blast cleaner "SUPERBLAST" and exchange consumable parts!

Motor with carbon brush is used for tube pump for semiconductor (CMP slurry pump/tube pump) and medical industry. Housing, rotor and bearing inside life expired motor with carbon brush is fully covered with carbon particle caused by consumption of carbon brush. Removal of carbon particle is uneasy because the parts are in complex shape.

Practical application of dry ice blast cleaner "SUPERBLAST"...

example photo : before and after

It only takes a few minutes for inside cleaning!
If you currently remove carbon particle by brushing, our method realizes significant time saving and quality improvement.

We also undertake refurbishment service. Please ask for detail.