Fine ceramics baking furnace cleaning

Do you have a need to simplify maintenance of fine ceramics baking furnace cleaning and improve production yield?
There is a variety of choice but difficult to satisfy all of requirement.

What is efficient method to remove ceramics particles remained in baking furnace?

Conventional cleaning method

  Method issue
Dry cleaning UV/Ozone
Plasma cleaning
Laser cleaning
Initial cost, ROI, Place of installation, Effluent treatment etc.
Wet cleaning Bruch scrub
High pressure jet
Ultrasonic etc.


Dry ice blast cleaner "SUPERBLAST" realizes significant time saving and precise finishing!

Practical application of dry ice blast cleaner "SUPERBLAST"...

Cleaning condition

  • Contamination : Ceramics power residue in baking process
  • Cleaned item : Ceramic baking furnace
  • Cleaner : SUPERBLAST Reborn


Visual inspection after cleaning
t was confirmed that ceramics powder is removed and surface o ceramics furnace is exposed.
Inspection of baked product
The product baked in cleaned furnace has no problem so that the damage to furnace does not exist.

Merit as a result

A significant reduction of cleaning time can be realized compare to conventional brushing.

Brushing 100 hours ⇒ SUPERBLAST 30min

Further benefit

Fine ceramics is porous sintered object so that the finish cleaning for semiconductor manufacturing system parts is critical in terms of quality assurance.

Our original dry ice blast cleaning system "SUPERBLAST" enables perfect removal of remained powder on the surface of fine ceramics by applying unique method to blast crushed powder dry ice!

Alumina part

Alumina part

Before cleaning

Before cleaning

After chemical cleaned

After chemical cleaned

After cleaning

After cleaning by SUPERBLAST