Ion Implanter HYT Probe Repair / Cleaning

We offer HYT particle monitor repair service that enables users to accomplish the most appropriate refurbishment for various failure symptoms through proper assessment/diagnosis.
It contributes to further cost reduction.

HYT Probe Repair

Flow Chart

Flow Chart


How do you inspect repaired unit before shipping?
We measure three key parameters (stray light, laser current and mean noise) and check if these values are surely within the range of designated specifications. Then we continue to check these parameters for 24 - 72 hours. Once all three shows stable values, we can ship the repaired HYT as “pass inspection”.
Is it possible to count actual particle number during your inspection after repair?
We cannot measure actual particle number. In the event that level of noise and light is out of spec through inspection, we regard repaired HYT as it effects on actual particle count and has to brand “failed inspection”.
Could we decide whether we request you to move forward repair work or not depending on the assessment result?
Yes. However, related cost like disassembling, assessment and round-trip transportation is subject to be charged.
Is brand new HYT available?
No. We offer repair service only.
Does repair cost vary depending on assessment result?
Yes, the cost is widely varied in accordance with failure situation. Repair fraught with parts replacement has the most part but more simple case only to be refurbished by clean also exists.
Do we have to send both HYT probe and controller for the repair?
To ensure the function of HYT, we need controller but it’s not absolute requirement because we have controller for the test.
Could we decide whether we request you to repair or not depending on the quoted price after diagnosis?
Yes, but in case you decide not to repair the unit, all cost already been occurred for our assessment process is subject to be charged.
How long does it take for delivery?
It depends on failure situation but typical lead-time of standard repair is approximately 4-5 weeks.



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