Electrostatic Chuck (E-Chuck / ESC)

We refurbish electrostatic chuck (ESC) for ion implanter by distinctive technology and material.
This is refurbishment with upgrading which improves problems typically seen in OEM’s product.


Our own technology of “hard mineral coating” has several advantages against OEM ESC in below points.

  • Reduction of scratch, chipping, arcing and delamination
  • On-site cleaning by engineer is possible whenever necessary as the surface of our ESC is hard enough to endure standard chemical like IPA or Acetone. This feature leads to enhancement of ESC’s longevity.
  • Thanks to dimple structure of ESC surface, better uniformity in cooling and less backside particle are accomplishable.
  • Both of 200 and 300mm ESC refurbishment is possible to be reconditioned.
  • Exchange of ESC is viable.

Flow chart

Flow Chart



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サムネイル画像 Electrostatic Chuck (E-Chuck / ESC)