Motor : Direct Drive (DD) repair

Ion Implanter Motor : Direct Drive (DD) repair

We offer repair service of costly Direct Drive motor and Belt Drive motor at reasonable price.


Ion Implanter Motor : Direct Drive (DD) repair
  • Available for both of Direct Drive system and Belt Drive system.
  • Available for both of 200mm and 300mm.
  • Available for all "Motor type".
  • Use OEM parts for exchange.
  • Exchange of magnet seal is available.
  • Operation test (Electric, Vacuum/water leakage) are done after overhaul.
  • Realize 1/2 cost compare to OEM.

Flow chart

Simplified flow chart


Is internal magnet seal for exchange an OEM parts? Or 2nd/3rd vendor parts?
We use OEM parts.
What is the criterion to exchange spindle motor?
After disassemble, judgment is done by visual check of motor parts rust, broken condition etc.
Direct drive(DD) motor
Is it possible to decide availability of operation based on result of judgment?
Yes. But cost for assemble work and transportation may be chargeable.
How long is warranty period?
6months after delivery. In case it requires long time to install the product after receipt, condition is to be discussed.



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