Consumables parts for sale/ refurbishment/ repair/ overhaul/ field services

We realize cost of ownership by offering up-graded parts, high value products such as retaining ring, ESC/Heater refurbishment, epair/overhaul of DC/RF power supplies, vacuum pumps, valves and motors for Ion implanter, Sputtering system, CVD, Etcher etc.

Items, worthy of note

We introduce some remarkable items which have high demand and is usable for optimizing cost of ownership.


Ion implanter・Sputtering


Typical examples of realization of “Running cost reduction / Operability improvement” (PDF)

  1. Example of longevity improvement of retaining rings which is a chronic problem of CMP system
  2. Example of .significant cost reduction in universities and institutes by applying repair and installation of cryo pump as a set
  3. Introduction to fully compatible recording medium that replaces obsoleted SCSI type FDD (floppy disk)
  4. Mirroring functional Dual HDD Back-Up System - Prevention of data loss due to tool crash -
  5. Integrated LCD Touch Panel Monitor to be replaced from unprocurable CRT monitor & Full compatible Light Pen
  6. Full compatible data storage tool to replace discontinued FD (Floppy Disk) with the latest SD Card / USB Memory
  7. Chuck Cleaning Wafer (CCW) to remove dusts or particles on wafer chucks (Electrostatic/Vacuum/Mechanical) that are causes of machine troublles

Product line-up

We offer various consumables parts, refurbishment/repair/overhaul services, which contribute to customer’s cost reduction for CMP / Ion Implanter / Sputtering / CVD / Etching.


On-site engineering for academics & R&D



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