Retaining Ring

CMP Retaining Ring : High performance (Longevity & Uniformity improved model)

We contribute in total running cost reduction by offering upgrading of principal consumables parts from viewpoints of “Material” and “Design”.

Longer longevity Retainer Ring

Retaining Ring : High performance (Longevity & Uniformity improved model)

"X3G" is an innovative “resin” material developed by SPM Technology which improves ring longevity and plane uniformity. It contributes to not only maintenance cost reduction, but also to yield which leads to significant total cost reduction in CMP processes.

Next Generation High Quality Resin X3G

  • 4 times longer life than the original marker's products
  • Side-attack or surface problems: Solution of both problems
  • Refurbishable

X3G keeps the advantages of PPS and has longer life, thus becoming known as high-quality resin.

Uniformity, Micro scratch

X3G Performance: Important process parameter, which requires good CMP quality

What Retainer ring is good for CMP' If the retainer rings are made with the new material X3G, there is a comparison table written below. In other words, X3G keeps the good qualities of PPS and gives even higher process results. Therefore, it is known as a high-quality resin.

Process parameters, comparison with X3G

Ring life PPS:1,500(average) X3G:6,600pcs!!!
Defects PPS X3G: less! better yield
Particleless PPS X3G:better better yield
Micro-scratch PPS X3G:better better yield
Removal rate PPS X3G easy evaluation
Uniformity PPS X3G:better easy evaluation
Sulphite free PPS X3G no dirt due to sulphite

Why X3G is the best / The main features

"Loss worn out" + "Less Side-Attack" = CMP cost decrease!

If you make retainer rings for CMP, the words "the harder the better" are not true.

X3G material's long life mechanism

  • Side-attack wears out the ring. it is possible to get polished, but eventually it gets worn out.
Long life resin
Long life resin
  • The ring cannot be worn out. However, the hole, caused by the side-attack stays and results in bad influence over the CMP profile.


  • Redude the wearing out of the ring, and more: realizes a stable and long-life CMP!

The side-attack trouble of the resin, which was not solved with the long life retainer ring, was resolved completely by using a special treatment. Thus, it became possible to achieve a stable CMP on the same level as PPS, without sacrificing the thickness.



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