CMP Flexure : Reinforced (Durability improved model)

This is an upgraded design of SPM Company. It consists of a flexure, which is attached to the conditioning head for CMP and thus its durability is extended 2-3 times more than the standard product.

CMP Flexure : Reinforced (Durability improved model)

Main features of the upgraded flexure

  • SPM has a single multi spoke design with uniform welds,which helps for superior durability, compared to the standard product.
  • Welds, holding the spokes to the outside of the hub, so the flexing can't affect the inner welds. It's a double secure system.
  • Spokes flare out, when they meet the outer ring, giving more surface area to the weld and making the part stronger.
  • Therefore, breaking trouble is improved and the life is longer.
  • Special polishing of the entire assembly.
  • Low price and high quality. Offer for longer maintenance cycle and the best cost performance for your company.



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