Motor : NSK Mega-torque & Driver repair

CMP Motor NSK mega torque Motor & Driver : NSK Repair/Overhaul

We refurbish NSK mega torque Motor/Driver for Polishing Head in reasonable price.

NSK mega torque Motor & Driver


  • The most cost effective repair is realized by variety of refurbish services for each failure types.
  • Both motor and driver are reparable.
  • Report with the result of final functional test and inspection is attached.
  • Used/second-hand motors and drivers are also available.

Sales performance

These listed part numbers are typical example of reparable motor and driver units what we are able to recondition.

Except for these items, we of course comply with customer’s request of assessment and diagnosis for further repair.

  Motor Driver
P/N: RZ0810FN507

Flow chart

Flow Chart


Is it necessary to ship both Motor and Driver as a complete set?
Yes. In order to execute functional test of the repaired unit, both Motor and Driver must be sent together. It is possible to repair unilateral item but in this case we cannot guarantee function of the motor and driver so that the user will have to execute on-site work test upon delivery of repaired unit.
As a result of initial diagnosis of the crashed unit, is there possibility to be diagnosed as unilateral one of either Motor or Driver has only to be restored?
Yes. However, we absolutely recommend customer to repair both Motor and Driver including preliminary replacement of consumables parts at a time in order to prevent earlier failure or crash due to deterioration of unit’s components.
Is there possibility to be diagnosed as irreparable as a result of initial assessment process? Then in this case, does assessment fee is due for customer?
Basically, we are able to restore the unit almost more than 90% successful rate but in the event that we find a breakage of Hybrid IC or other special Custom IC equipped in the Driver, we might diagnose it as irreparable. As for assessment fee, we will charge minimum cost to be needed for the assessment including transportation cost to the customer.
How long is repair lead-time?
Approximately 4-6 weeks after receipt of the unit.
Does the repaired unit carry a guarantee?
We give 3 months guarantee on the repaired unit after shipping from our factory only for a case that we implement final movement test by utilizing supplied both Motor and Driver.
Is there any possibility that after formal diagnosis, repair cost will be more than initial estimation?
There is a little possibility for the crashed unit – we already have past repair record in list – in order to minimize discrepancy against standard repair cost we inform in advance. However, if anything unexpected happens or in case of completely unknown unit, the unit might be either repaired in more than standard cost or irreparable.
Is “Exchange service” available since we do not have preliminary unit during repair?
Unfortunately, we do not provide Exchange service at the moment. However, we are able to sell overhauled-used unit as a substitute for Exchange.



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